WO – 06/19/2017

I had intended to do 30 minutes on the elliptical, but I was just not up for it.  I did today’s workout at 8:30p which is way off my regular schedule. *The 95 and 100 at the bottom are seconds to hold a plank.  

WO – 06/18/2017

wu 10 bw squats 10 lunge & twists 5 push-ups 10 bw squats wo 10 bench press with 2x10lbs dumbbells 10 bent rows with 2x10lbs dumbbells x2 10 bench press with 2x15lbs dumbbells 10 bent rows with 2x15lbs dumbbells 10 bench press with 30 barbell 10 bent rows with 30 barbell 10 bench press with 40…Read more »

WO – 06/15/2017

ab challenge #15 85 crunches, 34 leg raises, 80 second plank wo 10 back squats with 30lb weight* 10 Romanian deadlifts with 30lb weight* repeat 3 times *30 pounds was not heavy enough at all especially for the deadlifts.  Next time, using 40 pounds.  I can deadlift over 100 pounds, but I would not do that…Read more »


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