One Inch to Make a Miracle.

imageI have a day job, a part-time gig, and a few projects in the works.  I have a wife, a dog, and a cat.  I have 14 nieces and nephews, siblings, friends, students, co-workers, etc.

Due to weather or scheduling, I may not be able to make it out to woods (which is always my preference).  What I can do is a take one minute of my lunch break to just be here.

When teaching my yoga class to do Monkey Pose or Splits, I always tell them to move their knee just one inch behind their hip to start, because it takes one inch to make a miracle.

Meditation is the same way.  One minute to recharge.  One minute to breathe deeply.  One minute to just be here.

Today, just now in fact, I took my one minute during my lunch break.

If you don’t have one minute, you don’t have anything.

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