Daily Stats & Plans for the Future

Daily Stats

I am going to try to post my workouts daily for accountability purposes.  I imagine from time to time these will arrive late, but I will certainly do my best to post in the evenings.


Yoga – 60 minutes

Meditation – 10 minutes

Calisthenics – 8 minutes

Plans for the Future

This blog is still fresh and new.  In this stage, a blog has a lot of potential.

I started it as a means to show that you can have a full-time job, part-time job, personal projects, significant other, and a healthy lifestyle at the same time.  This is the concept I have built my personal training services around in fact.

The phrase “healthy lifestyle” is being defined here as:  a life that is well-rounded, never hungry, almost never lazy, able to save your own life and hopefully a few other lives if necessary. 

Then I thought, why not just make the blog about your half marathon training?  What about barefoot running?  Minimalist hiking?  Yoga?  Meditation?  Giving back to the community?  All of the things!

I spiral out of control easily when it comes to blogs and websites as can be observed from the above paragraph.

With this in mind, I have decided to experiment.  I will be listing my stats daily.  Personal accountability is important.  I will also be writing about my experiences doing all of the things that make my life and lifestyle well-rounded in my opinion.

Additionally in an effort to not have to type “in my opinion” too often, I want to be very clear right here and right now that I am an advocate for an active and WHOLE lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean the way I do it will work for anyone other than me.  My schedule is packed.  For some people, that can be stressful, but I thrive on it.  I schedule downtime, and that works for me.

I would like to write about giving back to the community as a means of feeding that thing inside of us that connects us all to each other.  Some call it a soul.  I will be referring to the means of connection as “Big Science” or “Universe Bits”.

How-to articles are second nature to me, because I am a fitness instructor.  I would love to share any tips that might help you transition to barefoot/minimal running or minimal hiking.  I promise to do my very best to keep the How-to pieces by request only though sometimes I get carried away.

I love this blog.  And, I appreciate you for reading it!

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