A loner.  That was the kind of runner I was years ago.  I would hit the treadmill for miles and miles going steady and silent.  I loved it.  It never mattered how many people were in the gym with me.  All I wanted was to be left alone in my silent running meditation.

Once back in the day when I was doing about nine miles every other day, the treadmills were down.  In fact, I remember that one of them was actually missingI could either get on the stationary bike or hit the elliptical machine in the corner.

I was hesitant to take on the elliptical machine.  My only encounter with an elliptical ended in me winded and dying after only 10 minutes of medium resistance.  But I sucked up my shame, and climbed aboard.  I was going pretty strong when another gym member climbed on the stationary bike beside me.

He immediately made eye contact with me, and immediately launched into chatter about politics.  We talked about everything going on in the news.  We had a great time saving the world and working out.  Before I knew it, two hours had passed!  Two whole hours!

That was the first time someone talking with me while working out had been beneficial.

When I started training for the half marathon with my wife, I was sure she was going to run ahead me.  She is a great runner and has a lot more practice under her belt and natural speed.

Due to the cold weather, we’ve been hitting the track more often than the trails which is our preferred method of running.  On the track, she settled into a gentle jog speed and talked with me the whole time we ran our 40 minute session.  It was so delightful and make the run the complete opposite of work.

Yesterday, my best friend, John, joined me for a run!  Thus solidifying my newest training trend:  running with a buddy.

One thought on “Friends Don’t Let Friends Run Alone

  1. I kinda wonder too if someone is extroverted if he/she is more likely to thrive running with friends compared to introverts who may do better on their own.

    I love the post and the title 😃


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