Poser by Claire Dederer

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 My physical therapist cleared me for Plank Poses!  This means that Plank Pose Book Club is back in action!
Plank Pose Book Club  meets once in every yoga class.  When we all make our way to the mat to do our first and longest Plank Pose, I talk your ears off about the books I am reading thus distracting you from the longest Plank Pose of your life.
You are welcome.
Last week, I told you about this book:  Poser – my life in 23 yoga poses by Claire Dederer.
This book is less about yoga and more about a woman trying to live her life in alignment with the values of the time.  She talks in the opening chapters about basically being hipster mom, because she felt like she was supposed to be one.
She talks about her friends casting shame on her when they find that she has quit breastfeeding because of terrible back pain her chubby baby accidently inflincted upon her.
I like how candid this book is.  It is always refreshing to read or hear about the honest interpretation of life, and I love how sincerely she writes about finding her hip crease in Triangle.
On a scale of one to five yoga mats (one being a book that I regret reading and five being a book that I want to have in every format available to me), I give this one three out of five yoga mats.
This book is available in print, ebook, and audiobook formats at the Nashville Public Library as well as on Amazon.

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