Start Doing Yoga in 2016 Continued

I didn’t expect to like yoga. I assumed it would be boring and weird. I didn’t think I’d be any good at it either, because I’m uncoordinated, short-limbed, and full-figured.
But it has turned out to be the first and only physical exercise that has given me (a total non-athlete) a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of dedication.
The benefits are tangible and many.
My neck & back aren’t stiff all the time any more.
My balance has improved.
My upper body strength (core/arms) has increased.
I’m more flexible.
I’ve learned stretches that I use regularly to alleviate stress, stiffness, and pain.
I have an increased body awareness.
I’ve learned techniques for calming my mind during distracting or stressful situations.
I feel the thrill of achieving poses I didn’t think I’d be able to do.
I’ve tried experiences outside of my comfort zone, which has increased my self-confidence and knowledge.
I met wonderful people who have become my friends.
Laura Rahuba

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