I do my big workouts in the evening.  “Evening” here is defined as between 4:30p and 8p.

I do this for two reasons:  I shower at night, and I teach yoga in the evening.

I shower at night

If I shower at night, then I can wake up in the morning and just go!  Do life!  By waiting until the evening to workout, I do not interrupt my daily routine of getting things done.

I teach in the evening during the week

My weekday classes are 6:30p to 7:30p.  Being a morning person, this took me years to get used to, and I am not about to undo this habit.

The Exception

I teach for two hours on Saturdays (8a Morning Yoga and 10a Vinyasa Yoga).  On Saturdays, I generally do nothing else.  No weights.  No running.

However, I am an active lifestyle person.  This means that I am not sitting down the rest of the day.

My Saturdays look like this generallyI tend to give myself about two hours of sit-on-your-butt time after I shower.  Then, I have the rest of the day to walk my dog, ride my bike, and things like that.

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