Guys, guys, guys.
I was going to go for a run, then my phone dinged. In a little blue box the words, “Sever Weather in Nashville. 97 Degrees and Rising,” were the source of said ding.
So, I Googled nearest Planet Fitness. I looked at rates.
Then, I wondered if I could do all the things I wanted to do at Planet Fitness here.
Can I run? Yes!
Can I lift free weights? Yes!
Will it be air conditioned? No. Take your ass outside.
So, here we go.



5 minute warm up jog
20 shoulder circles
20 shoulder circles opposite side
20 leg swings with toe touch
20 ” ” ” opposite side


40s PB (Personal Best) Single-armed, chest press with 15 lb weight.
Repeat opposite side
40s PB Bent over rows with 10 to 25 pound weights
40s PB Dumbbell Curtsy lunge
60s Active Rest for bosses. Crying Rest for me.
Repeat 4 more times.


End with 10 to 25 of running intervals, because I have jar of Nutella just waiting for me finish my workout!
A little yoga. Boom.

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