Remember When Crow Pose Was Hard

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When I first started teaching McCabe Community Fitness Center, I pulled out the big guns.  I promised all of my students that by the end of the month, all eight of them would be able to confidently execute a Crow Pose.  No problem.


Today, I led a class of 18 students (which is now a small number – – but truth be told, I’m excited when anyone shows up) in a Crow Pose to Warrior II flow.  Without any hesitation, my regulars who have been with me for years now lifted into Crow Pose with no problem, and my new students experiments and nailed various shapes of Crow.
At the end of class, I asked, “Regulars.  Remember when Crow Pose was hard?!”  I got a chuckle and nods of confirmation from them all.  Then, I said to my new members, “They were once where you are.  Talk to them.  They are proof that you can do this.”

The Magic

Cool.  It is just cool to see the progress and to feel the progress that comes from dedication, hard work, and faith in yourself.

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