Wild Thang

On Wednesday evenings in the Get-Bendy yoga class, we are focusing on the Wild Thing pose. This pose fits our theme perfectly as this pose asks us to flip our body in a position that is foreign to us: into a backbend.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how one could perform the Wild Thing pose.

Do keep in mind that there are many different ways to approach this pose.

If you want to learn how to do poses as complicated as this one, you should ask your yoga instructor as well as absorbing some supplementary material that you can find online.

Version 1:  I am afraid to fall

Start on hands and knees in a tabletop position aligning your wrists under your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips.

Extend your right leg behind you resting the ball joint of your big toe on the floor.  Press down through your shoulders into your index fingers and thumbs. Press floor away.

Begin to open up your hips pressing firmly through the left shoulder and left index finger and thumb. Spin open the chest and extend your right hand all the way to the ceiling tracking your wrist over your shoulder.  Bring your right foot parallel to the back of your mat.

Once you have corrected any alignment issues, raise your right leg off the ground making it parallel to the floor, point your toes, bend your right knee, and then let the foot fall behind and hit the floor.

Engage your lower abdominal muscles and pull everything in and up to create extension in the spine.

As falling from into this position becomes more comfortable, you can move on to falling into this pose from a downward dog position.

I embrace the fall version

Take a downward facing dog position.

Bring both of your feet together before extending your right leg all the way up into the air into a downward dog split

you can rock your body weight forward gently here, but not too far forward. You’re just trying to get an equal balance between the hands and the standing foot.

Now gravity to take hold of your extended but swiveling your hips open, and then bending the right knee.

Push firmly into the ground through your left shoulder and into your index fingers and thumbs, and then gently, you can fall into your wild thing backbend.

The worst thing that can happen here would be that you fall on your butt. Luckily, the universe has given you a big, squishy cushion back there land on!

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