3 Things You MUST Do Before Meditating

We all have our own little routines for different tasks we must perform.
Before going to the grocery store, I tap my front right pocket (pocket knife), my back left pocket (phone), and my right belt loop (keys on climbing clamp).  I tuck my billfold under my arm, and I’m off!
A similar thing happens whenever I am prepping for meditation.  These three steps are essential for setting up a personal-definition-of successful meditation.


Before you set up your meditation station, go to the bathroom!  Even if you do not feel like you need to go, you probably have to go.
Go ahead.  Get it out of the way before you get comfortable on your meditation cushion and spend 10 minutes thinking about how nice it is going to be when you finally get to go pee.


Rinse your mouth, brush your teeth, and scrape your tongue.
Your breath may not be stinky, but you will be tasting whatever is left over from your sleep, breakfast, lunch or whatever the entire time you are meditating.
If you can make the habit of brushing your teeth and scraping your tongue, you will begin associating the minty goodness with meditation goodness bringing calm to you each time you brush.
Clean mouth.  Clean brain.


Nothing takes you out of meditation like the struggle to breathe!
Just like going to the bathroom as a precautionary measure, blowing your nose just in case you have a clog somewhere is an excellent idea.
Of course, breathing through your mouth is an option if you have a cold that will not quit!
Add these three steps to your meditation practice next time to you take your zen-ish timeout.
Let me know how it works for you.  I would love to hear.  If you liked this post, please feel free to leave a comment below and share it with your friends!

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