There is an epidemic sweeping through the yoga classroom.  It is sometimes quiet and unsuspecting.  Other times, it screams the theme song from a popular TV series or an auto-tuned pop favorite.

This epidemic of yogic distraction is the cell phone.

Bringing your phone to yoga class is acceptable.

Yes.  You read that correctly.  I am all for it!  No one wants to leave expensive and sensitive technology in their cars or on their bikes.  Not to mention, we would all like to be reached in the event of a work or family emergency.

Updating Facebook, texting, Tweeting, and taking a call during class, on the other hand, is just not classy.

When you bring your phone into the studio, do the following to keep the peace and kill the epidemic:

  • If you must read a text or take a phone call, quietly and gracefully excuse yourself from the room.  No one will mind if you need to take a call, read an important email or text, as long as you respect them by leaving in a respectful manner.Silence your phone and keep it stored safely in your bag or cubby when you aren’t expecting an important phone call.  If you are on call, keep your phone on the corner of your mat on vibrate.  Leaving it on the floor will only draw attention to you and your phone when it starts to make that rattling noise against the floor.
  • Don’t stop your practice to take a selfy or a picture of the rest of the class.  If you don’t have permission from the instructor and the other students, don’t shoot!
And while we are talking about yoga photos:  if you want to document your progress, tell your yoga neighbor that after class you’d love a picture of the new yoga trick you’ve learned!  All yoga doers want to celebrate progress, so don’t be afraid to ask a friend or even your yoga teacher to take a photo of your excellent work after class.

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