How To Clean Your Yoga Mat

There are lots of different ways to approach cleaning your yoga mat. Some mats can fit right into the right kind of washing machine. Some people take their mats into the shower! Two birds, you know.
To keep your mat newer longer, it is best to clean it with sprays or wipes.

Items You Will Need

1/2 cup Water
1/2 cup Distilled Vinegar
8 to 16 drops of Essential Oil
A Glass Jar, A Spray Bottle, or Container with Lid and Scrap Clothes

A List of Essential Oils that are Antifungal (short list)

Mix and match these oils however you like! Get creative! They all have different properties, of course. All excellent for cleansing your mat.


Add all of the ingredients into a jar that has a lid or a spray bottle that has been cleaned. Spray or dampen a washcloth with the mixture. Wipe down your mat in circular motions.

To Make Reusable Wipes

Place the cloths into a container and pour the mixture over the cloths. When it is time to clean your mat, remove one cloth, and ring the excess back into the container. Wipe your mat down, and wash the wipe. Place the lid on, and store in a cool place between mat cleanses.
A clean mat is a happy mat…and Happy Practitioner!

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