5 Things to Do Before You Move Into Tripod Headstand

Tripod Headstand is a perfect beginners inversion.  It allows you to cover more surface area using both hands and your head as stabilizers.
To get the most out of this headstand you’ll need to do the following:
1. The Book Test
The test will let you know what part of your head to place on the ground.  Simply sit up straight and rest a book on your head.
In general, the area on your noggin where the book sits flat is where you want the ground to be during your Tripezy Headstand.
2.  Palms to Elbows
You want your palms to be about shoulders distance apart. An easy way to measure hand placement is to (while in Table Top Pose) lower yourself onto your elbows and then grab your elbows with opposite hands.
Once you know you are able to reach your elbows, place your palm on the ground where your elbows were.  This should be a perfect distance and position for your hands.
3.  Hips Over Shoulders
Many times you will see people leaping forward trying to achieve headstands or handstands.  Instead of leaping try to walk your feet in close to the body. Don’t take your feet off of the ground until your hips are over your shoulders.
This is pretty intense, so get comfortable there.
4.  Knees To Arms
Once you’ve successfully gotten your hips over your shoulders try placing one knee on top of the corresponding arm.  Once stable add the other knee.  If all of the weight goes to your head, then back out of the pose and try again using your hands and arms for strength and support in this pose.
5.  The Hover Test
Once you’ve gotten comfortable with balancing your knees on your arms, then you can slowly draw your knees into your chest hovering at your chest.  Legs squeezing in close together and hands pressing firmly into the ground.  Do not press your legs up.  This hover test will tell you if you have the core stability to move on.
Once bringing the legs into the chest become easy, then you are ready to slowly and deliberately extend your legs.
Practice these five pre-tripod headstand exercises regularly to make your extension clean and easy!
As always, Questions and Answers, I take both, so feel free to leave a comment below!
Happy Yoga-ing!

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