Greetings, All!

July 1st will kick off the first 30-day challenge that I have ever done on this blog.  After taking an informal poll of my regular students, we have decided to do a posture-improving challenge.

Here is How It Will Work

You do not have to sign up for anything, pay for anything, or even give me your email address.  All you have to do is check back (at this blog) for updates about what exercises we will be performing during the month.  Instructions and other information will follow.

If you would prefer to receive email reminders about the challenge, you can certainly follow me on Instagram @theyogadoer and/or you can subscribe to this blog by signing up to the right to receive an email whenever a blog is posted. (I warn you now:  I post basically daily on this blog).

The Goal

The goal is to reduce forward head leaning or what I call cell phone neck.

While there is a lot to talk about when it comes to posture and exercises that benefit posture, we are specifically focusing on this.

We will be doing three simple exercise in varying sets throughout the month.

These exercises will take little to no time at all – less than 10 minutes a set.


Of course, questions and comments are welcome.  I look forward to seeing how this whole thing works out for us!


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