I Am Lucky.


This was originally posted roughly eight months ago on THEYOGADOER.com.

It isn’t often that I have to cancel class right before he begins. Yesterday was one of those rare exceptions.

I had parked in parking lot community center, and I was readying myself to go inside teach. Quite suddenly, I was over taken by a migraine.

With only eight minutes before class time, I called one of my most trusted students and friends, Susan. I asked her she would not mind doing me the favor of informing front desk that I was far too sick to teach. I apologized for the last-minute cancellation.

Susan was on! She immediately said that she was almost there and would not only tell the front desk, but she would stay and meet people at the door to let them know what was going on.

When I got home, I was sick as a dog! I crawled into bed and turn off all the lights. My eyes were extra sensitive because of the headache, but when I saw the light flashing on my phone, I knew I had to see what it was. I’m so glad that I did.

I received a picture of the row students all on yoga mats with her palms to their hearts and smiles on their faces.  They stayed in class despite an absent teacher!  They led each other through the class. Each of them adding their own special piece.

Often, I tell my students that it is my goal to have them not need me anymore.

I feel very strongly that the mark of a good teacher Is when the students have the knowledge and the courage to practice without you. All the while knowing that you will be there for them when they’re finished if they need anything else from you.

The goal is to have your students not need you forever, but to come to class to re-energize or just because they want to!

I am exceptionally proud and feel overwhelmingly grateful for all of the students that I have. I’m very lucky to have the strong, independent, patient, dedicated people that I have in my classes.

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