Day 2

Today we will perform our first exercise in observation and execution of a beautiful posture.


Our Exercise

 Stand in front of a mirror. Weave your fingers together  and place them on your lower abdomen. Breathe regularly. Gently press your woman fingers into your lower belly allowing the chest to lift and the lumbar spine to naturally lengthen.

Now, draw your chin back until your ears earlier shoulders.  This is also known as the double chin exercise. You don’t want to tighten your chin down to your chest.  Instead, just push your chin backward and you might see a tiny double chin pop up.

You can make a half turn to the left or right to see what’s going on with your head neck and shoulders without having to crank your neck from side to side. I find seeing my posture adjust in this view to be very helpful.

Check yourself out in the mirror and practice these two little moves a couple of times.  Then, you can go about your day!

That is all that you have to do today!  Isn’t that nice?!

Check my Instagram account for a quick video for instructions! @theyogadoer

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