Can You Buy Happiness?

Tammy’s book is a personal story with some personal stories from others about taking actions, sometimes very small ones, to becoming more fulfilled and happy with less.

This is a personal experience book with some minimalist how-tos woven in.

It was a friendly, quick read, and I recommend it if you are looking to start adding some minimalist practices or are dipping your toe in the waters of tiny house living.

*In case you are unfamiliar with Plank Pose Book Club, this is how it is:  Each of our yoga classes has one thing in common.  That one thing?  The first Plank Pose you hold is officially a book club meeting!  We all hold the Plank until I have told you all about what I have been currently reading.  Cruel?  Mean?  Rude?  Maybe, but I have seen people hold Planks for upwards of two minutes while smiling, laughing, and getting a book recommendation.  Hard to argue with results!

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