Your Body Is For Yoga

I have a few -isms that I rely on.  In every single class, you will definitely here this:

Yoga is personal.  Every body is different.  Every.  Body.  Two words.

I have met too many people who have not been doing yoga because they “don’t have a yoga body”.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I can’t touch my toes, so there is no way I can do yoga.
  • My belly gets in the way whenever I try to do anything, so I obviously can’t do a yoga class.
  • I have an old injury from years ago.  My body has just never been the same.
  • If I were younger…
  • My body doesn’t bend that way.
  • I want to lose weight first.

If any of the above seems familiar to you because you have heard yourself say it over and over, I have news for you:

Those aren’t excuses or reasons to not do yoga.  They are reason to get on board.

None of us were born able to write or talk.  We learned by experience and diligent instruction.  The same goes for running, pilates, yoga, knitting, or anything else.

We must practice.

Practice is not defined as:

doing it the right way every single time and always being able to nail every pose like a yoga model. 

No way!  I would not have signed up if I had been told I needed to have a perfect yoga body void of injuries or issues!

What even is a perfect yoga body aside from a body caring a consciousness that was willing to fully show up?

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