I have gotten questions or comments about neck tenderness and soreness in the back of the head due to our posture exercises.

Of course, first, I must say: I am not a doctor. If you are experiencing pain or birth that is completely irregular, you should ask your physician.

There. Now that the insurance is taken care of, let’s move on to answering the question and addressing the comments.

Why Does My Neck Hurt Now?!

Just as when you begin any new exercise, you will experience soreness in the muscle from using it in any way this includes these posture exercises.

When I first started performing the two exercises that I’ve shared with you already, I experience mild tenderness the size of my neck. I realized at that point that I was driving my chin and my neck back forcefully. My chin and my neck will go back as far as they can go. Forcing the issue only creates pain.

Some people are more flexible in the back of the head and neck than others. Just like some people are more flexible in the hamstrings and others the goal rise the head in the neck back so that the earlobes lineup enter of the shoulders. You may not make it the first, second, or hundredth time. This all depends on your anatomy, your health, and your built-in ability.

As with all practice, good posture is something that comes with time.

I specifically made this a 30 day challenge so that you could have a designated time to look for results.  If you look for results daily, you will see no results.

You may, however, feel some.  Tune into your body.  Ask, “Is this pain or progress?”  Know the difference between the two, and carry on.

You are doing great!



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