I think it goes without saying that cell phone that is caused by forward leaning head posture which is brought on by cell phone and tablet.

As a technology enthusiasts, I want to be very clear that I am not against technology. I personally own a cell phone, a tablet, computer, and e-reader.   I spend just as much if not more time looking at my technology than most people. This is not a bragging statement.   I just want you to know that I’m coming from a real place.

It isn’t just technology that inclines us to have cell phone or forward leaning head posture. If we are reading a book, writing a letter, reading a newspaper, washing the dishes,  or any number of daily activities, we are inclined to lean forward.

All of that leaning forward can lead some discomfort that is expressed in junction of the cervical and thoracic spine (that would be the point where the white  vertebrae  and the red vertebra at the base of the neck).



In November 2014, Dr. Hansraj performed a study on the impact of good posture on the pressures seen by the neck called assessment of stresses in the cervical spine caused by posture and position of the head. Essentially he found that when the head is straight up in good posture then it weighs 10 pounds. In the posture of 60 degrees forwards the head weighs 60 pounds.

The impact of this study is that with human beings globally, keeping their heads down two to four hours a day, then it is approximately at least 1,250 hours a year leading to about 300,000 pounds of stress on the neck every four years, for example teens in high school.

This study was carried in major magazines such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Esquire, GQ, Forbes, Natural Health, Time Magazine USA, Time Magazine India, etc.


As part of our 30 Days to Better Posture Challenge, we are going to stop holding our cell phones in a way that adds 27 – 60 pounds to this junction of the cervical spine and  thoracic spine which over time will help to decrease neck pain and cell phone neck.

Create a New Cell Phone Habit


For the rest of this month, practice holding your cell phone at eye level. Do NOT lower your eyes to cell phone level.

When you get a phone call, text message, twitter alert, or whatever, pick yourself own up before reading anything on the screen. Hold it out in front of your face at eye level, then check everything with the phone still at eye level.

If you find yourself texting on the couch or just around the house in general, pick the phone up.


Will be a hard habit to pick up at first, but once you get the hang of it, your neck and back will thank you.

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