3 Things that are Grounding Your Crow Pose

When we first start practicing crow pose, we all tend to do the same three things that prevent us from taking flight.

By fixing these three things, we can make our crow lighter and fluffier. Isn’t that how we all want our crow poses to be?

Do not look at your toes

Your toes are sensitive and self-conscious, and do not like being stared at. Do not stare your toes.

If you stare your toes, you will inevitably land with your face or head on the floor. Look between your hands and then up about 6 inches. This should be enough to keep your neck comfortable, keep your gaze steady, and your weight evenly distributed.

 Knees outside of the arms please

Do not rest her knees on the backs of your arms. Your knee should be hugging the outside of your arms as close to the shoulder as is possible. This means hunkering down when you’re in the pregame of your pose.

You want to squeeze your inner thighs into the tops of your arms hugging your knees against the outside of your shoulders. You want to create immovable object unstoppable force situations between the arms and legs.

Having engagement in the inner thighs and upper arms in this way will make you become a more sturdy and stable solitary unit making the hips easier to lift.

Speaking of hips, lift them

There are couple of ways to lift your hips higher than your shoulders when you’re in a crow pose.

The first way ( and the way you should always begin with ) is by leaving the toes on the floor pressing into the ball joints of your big toes pulling your low belly in and up to raise the hips slightly higher than the shoulders.

As you get more comfortable with this, lifting the hips higher and higher will be available to you. In the beginning, you should really just focus on getting your hips slightly higher than your shoulders.

When you are finally in the stages of crow pose where you can gently lift your feet off the floor one by one, then you can increase the hip life by engaging your low belly locking system.

If you do not know about belly locks, just Google the words yoga belly locks or bandhas.

 Bonus info

Keep in mind that when you want your Crow pose to take flight, it has nothing to do with leaping, but has everything to do with forward.

You don’t want to jump your feet off the mat and kick your heels into your bottom. This will only make you less stable and push you off balance.

The lifting of the feet is less important than the engagement in the belly, inner thighs, and arms.

For your crow to take flight you need only to consider moving forward, lend yourself to the possibility of falling.

Do this slowly. You are working on distributing the weight between the forward part of the body and the rear of the body. This means engaging, gazing forward, and pointing your toes behind.

Practice makes better.  Keep practicing.

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