My Running Playlist

I have just discovered the wonders of listening to music while running. I know, I know.  I’m behind.  But, I am getting into it.

These are the songs on my running playlist and why.

Tina Charles “I Love to Love”

I recently watched River on Netflix, and this song was throughout the show.  It made me feel really happy, and when I am happy, I feel like dancing.  Sometimes, dancing is running for me.

Survivor “Eye of the Tiger”

Because, duh.

Bill Conti “Gonna Fly Now”

Man.  Who doesn’t love Rocky?  I used to pretend to be Rocky and run up my porch steps as a child.  This song makes me feel like doing that again.

Florence + The Machine “Drumming Song”

There is a part of this song that says

As I move my feet towards your body
I can hear this beat it fills my head up
And gets louder and louder
It fills my head up and gets louder and louder

It reminds me that I’m not running away from anything or toward anyone else.  I am running to me.  I am running to my best self.  I am running to my best body and best health.

Bee Gees “Staying Alive”

This is the theme song for running!

Bee Gees “More Than A Woman”

This is a song that I sing to myself all of the time!  Sing love songs to yourself.

The Eagles “Taking It Easy”

This song is my cue to check in with my speed.  It’s also my favorite feel-good song.

What do you listen to while you run?

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