If you don’t know, I am a barefoot/minimalist runner.  That means that I run barefoot (even on pavement – which, don’t start typing worried comments about the practice of this until you read this whole thing) or in fivefinger shoes.


I am often asked if I run in these kinds of shoes while I am running which is hilarious.

I do NOT recommend you just start barefoot or minimal running all willy-nilly!

I have run like this for years!  As hipsters would say, “I was doing it before it was mainstream.”  That’s why running on pavement, trails, and grass is all the same for me.  When I run on treadmills, I am completely barefoot if the facility allows and wearing fivefingers otherwise.


If you all want more information on barefoot running, I am happy to provide it.  Just let me know in the comments below.

Also, if you are a barefoot runner….



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