We are ready to add neck stretches to our challenge!  We are not replacing our exercises, we are adding a stretch to them.

Here is how our neck stretches will go:

Pendulum Swing

Keeping length in the back of the neck, drop your chin to your chest.  Begin to roll your head left to right.  This motion should be small at first. You can begin to increase the momentum and depth of your swings as you go.  Take your time with this motion.

Move directly into Pendulum Swing and Hold

Pendulum Swing and Hold

When your Pendulum Swing becomes more open, draw your left ear to your shoulder and pause for four seconds.

Repeat on the opposite time.

Left to Right Turn

Starting with your gaze forward, lengthen your neck and sit tall.  Gently, slowly turned your head to the left and right.

Left to Right Turn and Hold

Continue the left to right turns turning your head as far to one side as is possible.  Hold the turn to the left for four seconds, and repeat on the right side.


Your Posture Exercise List Looks Like This Now

Belly and Chin Tucking Exercise (Day Two Exercise) with 4-second hold – 4x Morning; 4x Evening

Reverse Fly without Weight with 4-second hold – 4x Morning; 4x Evening

Neck Stretches –  4x Morning; 4x Evening


Please reach out and let me know how the challenge has been treating you.

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