You will notice there is no “Today” entry for today.

In case you are new to the site, all of my entries titled “Today” are my workouts.

This doesn’t mean that I sat around watching Frasier reruns all day (which sounds amazing).

I live a healthy lifestyle which is what this blog is meant to highlight:  the ease of living a healthy lifestyle.

Today, I went for a mostly uphill hike, I walked three miles, and even worked in some push-ups.

Despite all of these activities, I have no “Today” entry.  This is because I did not exercise today.  I did activities.

Let me explain.


Exercise is a workout that I perform at a certain time on a certain day.  I schedule the moves, and then give it maximum effort.  The purpose is to get stronger and be awesome.

Normally, I have goals when I exercise like doing four repetitions of 10 bicep curls with  10-pound weights.

Activities (that correspond with a healthy lifestyle)

Activities are basically playtime.  A 25-minute walk with the dog, hiking, biking, and things like that are activities even though they could easily be turned into an exercise by adding a goal like time or distance.

I also do things like build in push-ups, sit-ups, and squats into days that have long stretches of reading and writing in them.  Every hour, I get up and do one of those exercises a few times to keep my body from getting stiff.  Again, I do not consider this a workout, but it simply isn’t.

If I stopped and did 100 repetitions of each, then I might be singing a different song!


Knowing the Difference

Knowing the difference between exercise and activity (for a healthy lifestyle) is just as important as eating well, because if you tell yourself that those 10,000 steps you took over the course of eight hours are the same as the 10,000 steps you took last week in the course of an hour, well, quite frankly, you’re wrong.

For the sake of this example, let’s say 10,000 is three miles for you.  If you

Exercise:  If you trucked it (I mean speed walked like a demon queen on her third espresso and finished in an hour), then you did a nice workout!  You burned some calories, generated some sweat, and probably went home tired and cardiovascularly superior to your earlier self.  Good job, you!

Activity:  If you went to work and banged out 10,000 steps by taking the long way to the bathroom, climbing the stairs or taking the ramp, taking a little walking break with your co-workers, and parking as far away as you could from the office, then you took positive measure toward being a healthier person! You added in some activity where some would not see the potential for much or anything.  Go job, you!

It takes both activity and exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so get a good mix of both now that you have a better understanding of the difference.


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