I like to run anytime except the morning.  In the morning, I have a routine that packed, and it works for me.

Morning Runner #1

My dog (River), on the other hand, wants to run in the morning like lightning!  She leaps (not being a colorful writer here–she literally leaps) out the front door only skimming the steps with her toes nails and boom!  She’s off!

If we did not have the relationship that we have, I’m pretty sure she’d pull my arm out of socket every morning.

Morning Runner #2

My brother is the other morning runner in my life.  He’s running business hours are 3a, 4a, 5a, and 6a, because he is a monster!  Sometimes, he does a quick mile to get the day started.  Other times, he’s running 5ks and more.

The Reason I’m Writing This

This morning, I decided it was unfair to make River wait for me.   So, I rolled out of bed and suited up to run as long as she wanted which ended up being 0.36 mi.

I tend to run in the hottest parts of the day.  I don’t do this because I like it.  I do it, because it is the time available.  I run midday or late evening.

Midday runs yield better run times.  Sometimes I care about this fact.  Other times, I don’t.  Right now, I don’t.  I want distance.  That could change any minute now.

Evening runs yield a steady pace of about 13:14 per mile for me.  I like this pace, but I do find that I get a terrible gas of the burps while running in the evening.  Yes, I know why.  No, I don’t care.

My First Morning (Maybe) Ever

I can’t remember when I’ve ever been a morning runner.  My mornings have always been sacred.

This morning is my first ever morning run as far as I am concerned, so here is what I learned about myself this morning.

First of all, 0.36mi felt like 1 mile.  It was slow, because I had to stop to pick up dog poop like a responsible pet owner, and then I walked until I found a public trash can.  I did not like the idea of poop being jostled in a little plastic bag of questionable quality.

Second(ly) –we can discuss grammar and colloquialisms another time–, River doesn’t want to run for miles in the morning.  She just wants to let some steam off.  I followed her lead, and it felt pretty darn good.

Third, running on an empty stomach feels like death the first few steps.  As we neared the end of our sprint, I felt like I was finally in a good rhythm and could go for another half mile or so.

I have no idea if I will become a morning runner ticking off mile after mile, but this morning job seemed to make River happen.  I believe I just added a 0.36 to 0.50 mile run to my morning routine.


Please, let me know in the comment below if you are morning, midday, evening, or night runner!


2 thoughts on “The Two Morning Runners in My Life.

  1. When it comes to running I think I prefer in the evening. After work it’s nice to get on my feet and go for a run in the park. In saying that, I do prefer going to the gym early in the morning as it sets me up for the day – funny how different exercises suit for different times! I think once you get up and go that’s all that matters really.. people who run at 6:30am are no better than those who go at 10pm 🙂


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