I got more out of my 30-minute yoga practice today than I have in a long time.

My practice was once very long, complicated and difficult.  I had nothing to prove to anyone else.  I was pushing myself to push.

That time is over.

I still do a very strong practice with headstands and arm balances, but it is shorter and more intense.

You do not have to practice for an hour.  You don’t have to practice in perfect order.  You just practice.  Practice.


2 thoughts on “My Yoga Practice.

  1. Hello Barbara! Can you add me to the email list for your McCabe community center classes? I was there on Monday, but none of the staff there was informed of the cancellation. Looking forward to attending today! chameleon0891(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you!


    1. Of course, Lindsay! I’m sorry the folks you spoke with were not informed. I did inform the higher ups before canceling. Sometimes the information just does not make it to the right people in time I suppose. There is no class tonight either. Class will resume on Saturday!


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