I just finished reading an article called Weird Stuff Yoga Teachers Say.  Whenever I read articles like this, I give myself a pat on the back for not saying any of the phrases mentioned in the article.

Then, I remember all the crazy stuff I say during class.

Here is a list of a few of the strange things that this yoga teacher says:

  1.  Koala, koala, koala! – I use this to remind everyone to keep their upper arms glued against their bodies.
  2. Make a Barbie foot! – Basically, no toe pointing!  Slip your foot into an imaginary high heel when in Boat Pose to get all of the muscles onboard.
  3. Your legs for the rest of your life start here (says this while tracing the path of the psoas muscle)! – This particular cue serves to remind us that all of our muscles are connected. using boat pose as an example, if we constantly press down into the floor, keep our Barbie feed on, and squeeze our abdominal muscles and up, then keeping the legs lifted is less work. This is because everything is onboard.
  4. Lead with your brains.  Not your butt.  It’s good advice. –  We do a move in my classes called the primitive squat. When performing the primitive slides, your hips did lower  than your knees. To come out of this quite safely, you have to lead with your brains. If you scoop your butt up first, you risk injury to the lumbar spine.
  5. You’ve got your whole life. –  many times I see students struggling to make their twisted deeper or their low lines and lower. They do this at the cost of form. It is important to remember that you got your whole life to make this yoga thing be easy.  You’ve got your entire life to get better at whatever pose or whatever sequence of poses.

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