Digestion is the cornerstone of good health and bodily comfort. When you have an upset stomach or when you are constipated, you are uncomfortable in your own skin all day!

With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s important to keep our bellies healthy and happy! There are many ways to combat constipation and other digestive issues. I’d like you to start working on your digestion using a little belly dance!

You’ll need to perform this on an empty stomach, so after you do your morning stretches, go to the bathroom for the first time today (we all know you must pee right when you wake to be comfortable), then try this little Ayurvedic exercise:

While standing, place your hands on your knees. Your knees should be bent and your back is somewhat bowed. Take a deep breath in, and then exhale letting all of the air out.Engage your abdominal muscles by pulling them all in and up into the body. Then, release them all pressing them out and down a bit. Repeat this motion for thirty seconds.

Take break. You’ll notice that the circulation in your stomach area has increased. This is obvious by the heat that is being generated in your body from this motion.

By performing this exercise, you are creating a kind of suction action in the belly stimulating movement of waste out of the body.

Add this to your daily routine to stimulate better bowel movements to rid your body of waste.

See the video below from a TEDTalk about this nifty-belly-dance-waste-removal system:


Please remember that the rapid movement of the belly in and out is not based on rapid breath!

Keep your breath steady.

If you begin to feel sick or get lightheaded, stop or do less.  You can come back to this later.

*Keep in mind that this practice may  not be appropriate for you.  Ask your doctor prior to trying this exercise.  This exercise is not appropriate for those who are pregnant.

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