Let’s imagine that you’ve just eaten the best Thanksgiving dinner of your life. You are full and happy.

Suddenly, you’re uncomfortable. Your stomach feels tight and your jeans no longer have all of that extra room you love.

You are experiencing bloat which leads to Tip #3: Hero Pose.

It may look like a simple seat to you, but once you’ve experienced the relief it provides, you’ll start seeing it as an advanced-yoga-asana-super-awesome-bloat-crusher!

I wouldn’t have believed it myself if someone had just said this to me! I am speaking from personal experience when I say this is what you want to do to ease your post-Thanksgiving bloat!

For step by step instruction on how to perform Hero Pose, click the link below:


There are variation to this pose, of course. If you can’t sit your hips between your heels, no problem! You can pile as many pillows and yoga block and phone books as you need under your bum for lift!

Sit and be thankful!

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