I often tell my students that I am not a good student in that I do not like to attend classes.  I am more of a learn-on-your-own kind of gal.

Years ago, I found Yogatic on YouTube with Ester Ekhart.  I loved her videos.  In the beginning, they were not the best video quality, but the information was on point.  I became a regular follower.

Fast forward to now:  I am a paying member of her online studio (www.ekhartyoga.com) which has multiple teachers.

In an effort to get back to my personal practice, I am doing the 7 Days of Yin Yoga program on their site.  Today will be day four of the program.

So far, I have found that I feel better in general.  Mentally.  Physically.

In addition to the Yin Yoga, I have been doing 10 minutes of seated meditation.  This used to be my standard practice for meditation, but it has slimmed to three minutes this year.

I am taking my 10 minutes back!

If you are looking for an online studio, I cannot recommend www.ekhartyoga.com enough.  *I am not affiliated with them in any way aside from being a loyal, paying student for over three years, and a follower for much longer.

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