How I’m Spending My Month ON

If you are a student in any of my classes and/or are on the newsletter, then you know that I am taking the month of December off.  I will not be teaching yoga in December.

For those of you who attend my classes, don’t worry!  The fine folks at the community center have lined up subs for all of our regular classes.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet a new teacher without compromising your schedule.

December is less of a month off for me and more of a month on.  Let me explain.

I recently posted about how I lost my personal yoga practice.  You can read that post here.

In an effort to get back to my yoga practice, I am taking December to work on my personal practice.

What Does My Month ON Look Like

I spent an hour this morning filling in my calendar for December, January, February and, March with yoga and meditation classes.

I have mentioned that I have a membership to an online yoga studio called Ekhart Yoga in class and on this website before. I highly recommend this yoga studio. I am not paid to recommend the studio. I am a paying member.

I’ve gone through many of the programs on the online studio, and I have added them to my calendar. I made the links clickable, so it is easy to pull up the video that I need to work on each day. Some classes are 45 minutes long,  and some classes are 90 minutes long.

I’ve added special classes that focus on breathing techniques, yoga Nidra, Iyengar, and basically everything else that you could possibly think of that yoga related.

My intention was to only fill my December calendar, but once I got the ball rolling with scheduling classes, I realized I was really only scheduling an hour to an hour and a half of my day. Suddenly, it seemed reasonable to go ahead and schedule an hour every day in January. Then, February. Then, March.

The Purpose

At first, my purpose was to get my yoga practice back to where it was three or four years ago. Two or three years ago I was 31-ish. I’m 34 right now, and have a birthday coming up in February of next year.

(Just a side note, I’m really looking forward to being 35. I’ve always had a good feeling about that year.)

I started meditating for longer periods of time and on a regular basis over the last two weeks. It’s given me a lot of clarity as to what my real goal is for this December practice.

The goal is to keep my body healthy and keep my brain balanced. What happens physically is what happens physically.

I’m sure I will burn fat. I’m sure I will gain muscle. I’m sure my yoga abilities will grow. Whether they get back to where they were two or 10 years ago…well, that doesn’t matter.

 I hope to remain active on this blog during this month ON. Like I said, I will be doing yoga for 1 to 2 hours a day, so I should be able to check in.

In the event that I do not get to blog as much as I want, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all!


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