In a few short days, it will be 2017.  That means it is resolution time!

I’ve written about New Year’s Resolutions a couple of times before.  You can read those here:

Here’s the short explanation of how I do resolutions:  I don’t.  I make a Mega List.

The Mega List has Three Categories:  Feel, Do, and Goals

This is how the categories break down:

Feel – How do I want to feel?

Do – What do I want to do (not need to do)?

Goals – What are my big To-Dos that require some mapping out and planning?

How To Mega List Like A Boss

Make Your FEEL List First

You want to make your feel list first, because once you figure out how to you want to feel, you can determine what actions you need to take to feel that way.

Saying that you want to feel happy is a good start, but it isn’t the finish line.  I think everyone wants to feel happy, right?  You have to get more specific.  What would you have to feel to feel happy all of the time?

Last year, I landed on the following feelings:  Grand, Successful, and Whole.

I am still sorting my words for 2017.

Next, Make Your DO List

Once you established three to seven feeling words, you need to ask yourself how to make those feelings happen.  Remember when you felt those words.  If you’ve never felt those words, imagine what it would take and put it on the list.

In 2015, I had “write a book” on my DO list.  I wrote the book, and took it off the market after a few months, because it was not good enough for me.  When I wrote Successful on my FEEL list, I knew I would have to publish again.

This year, I’ve published a children’s book that I am very proud of.  That book made me feel Successful.

Mission accomplished!

Just a note here:  I find it is best to do a brain dump of all of the things you want to do.  Things like hiking, learn another language, learn to make pasta from scratch, yoga, etc.  After you’ve listed all of those things, you can see if any of those will help fulfill your FEEL list.

Last, Make Your GOAL List

Goals are projects.  Learning another language is not a project.  Speaking fluent Italian at a book signing in Tuscany is a goal, so learning Italian could be one of the steps in the project.

Goals have set start and end points.  In 2015, I had the goal of reading 50 books.  I exceeded it!  In 2016, I had a goal of reading 100 books, and sadly, I did not meet that goal, so I am going to extend into 2017.

Just like the DO list, your GOAL list must help you to get to your FEEL list.

The FEEL list is everything!

Recommended Reading

I highly recommend reading The Desire Map and The Firestarter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte.  I was making Mega Lists long before I read the books, but when I added the FEEL category (which was inspired by these books), it changed everything!


Happy and Hopeful 2017!


If you or anyone you know is looking to put Do Yoga on their Mega List or Resolution List, then take a look at these wonderful posts.  My yoga friends were kind enough to offer these words of inspiration and experience to those who are looking to begin yoga in the New Year!

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