The election is over. We have a new president.

No matter who we voted for, we succeed when the president succeeds, and we fail when our president fails.

This is a health and wellness blog. You’ll notice that the name of this blog is whole personal training, because health and wellness doesn’t stop with the physical body.

True health and wellness is expressed throughout your entire life and entire being.

Being well does not mean that you no longer get stressed or experience anger. Living in a state of meditation does not make us immune to our emotions.

What it does mean is that we breathe before we tweet.  We think before we blog.  We talk with (not to, but with) people who think, dress, worship, and live differently than ourselves, and we listen to better understand one another.

Below is a list of books that will help you to better communicate with others while our country goes through this transition and while our communities are deciding what’s next.

Read these books. No matter who you voted for, read these books.

Let us start an honest and respectful conversation with one another.

Let us create a conversation so decent and so respectful of one another that talking about politics will not insight a stress response but will promote critical thinking and forward motion.

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