In my February newsletter to my yoga friends, I wrote the following:

This February We Are Celebrating Passion
Passion Does NOT Mean Romance!

I’m talking about the fire inside of us.  The fire that ignites when someone talks to you about reading, movies, food, knitting, politics, or whatever you are interested in.  The passion in you comes out when you find a hobby or issue that excites you and mobilizes you.

I had coffee with a friend recently who was very fired up about women’s rights and our current political climate.  After she had talked for a while, she said (I am paraphrasing here), “Thank you for not making me feel crazy.  When I get passionate about this topic around other people they think I am an angry woman.  But, I’m not angry.  I just care a great deal.”

For the entire month,  our classes will be built around expressing passion and allowing some of the fire to burn off.

 When we do not mobilize our passion, it can sometimes create stress or sadness or anger inside the body. Our goal this month will be to take all of the fire that we’re feeling about comic books, politics, cooking, whatever,  and expressing it.

 We will do this through heart opening poses, and heart thumping flow.

 Whether you are an angry woman or a frantic fella, you will benefit from this practice.

Take care of you,

Not too long after I sent the newsletter out, I recieved this email from a friend and fellow yoga doer:

Fun facts from the Latin teacher:

Passion is from the Latin verb meaning “to suffer/endure”   (patior, pati, passus sum)  … so if you care so much it hurts, you’re doing it right.

We get patience from the same root!

Now, how freaking cool is that?!


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