If you have attended one of our yoga classes this year, then you have heard about Our Revolution by Bernie Sanders during Plank Pose Book Club[1].


Whether you are into politics or not, I think you would enjoy this book.  Bernie Sanders is an interesting fella.

In this book, he gives you some personal stories that help you to understand why he is the politician he is today.

I especially enjoyed the part in which he talked about playing stickball in the streets, and how the boys created a democracy of their own.

It was inspiring to read about all of the changes and movements he was involved in over the years.

This was especially motivational to me as a person who wants to promote positive change in our world.

As one man, he created and joined groups.  He signed petitions. He wrote articles.  He ran for public office.  He is still going.

If you give this book a read or if you’ve read it already, please let me know in the comments below.

Also, you can follow me on Goodreads to see what else I’m reading if you are interested.



[1] Plank Pose Book Club is the point in all of our yoga classes where I ask you to hold a plank pose while I tell you what I’ve been reading.  It IS your FAVORITE!

One thought on “Our Revolution by Bernie Sanders

  1. The first part of the book reads more like a memoir, and is really easy to get through!
    Part 2 of the book – where we go from here – can get a little dry, with so many stats and such. But, it’s also a bit heartbreaking, when you think of those stats as real people who can’t afford their meds, or to go to college, and so on.
    I hope we can get to a point where these things are truly available to everyone, like Sanders envisions… whether or not we use his methods to get there.


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