Helpful Links for Participating in Peaceful Protest

Here are two helpful links to help you exercise your peaceful protest.


We Are Watching is an organic, grassroots coalition of concerned Tennesseans that stand together in support our neighbors.  There is no leader or spokesperson.

We support legislation and policies that seek to unify us all and we will fight against measures that divide us.  We believe diversity, tolerance, and inclusivity are Tennessee values.


The resistance calendar does not have an about section, because the title is self-explanatory.

Peaceful protest as part of our history.   So is not-so-peaceful protest.

 It’s important to take a stand for your beliefs and values. How you take that stand is very important.

Practice peaceful protest.

Practice listening without waiting for your chance to talk.

Practice talking with people who have different views from your own without trying to change their mind.

Practice trying to understand different points of view.

The practice of trying to understand one another and communicate with one another is the only way our country can move forward as a whole.

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2 thoughts on “Helpful Links for Participating in Peaceful Protest

    1. I understand. I often have to remind myself that the people who speak out in support of this administration on the internet and on the news are often the extreme cases.

      My family members who voted for Trump are not racist and are not sexist. They are, however, tired of politics. They wanted to see someone who had not been corrupted by politics take office. For them, that was Donald Trump.

      As for my three friends who voted for Trump, two voted against Hillary and one voted for the Republican Party.

      -Now, my struggle is that Donald Trump has said racist things and has sexually assaulted women. I think that negates any benefit to the office he may be able to provide. I struggle to understand how they (my family members and friends) can ignore those two facts.-

      The best thing that I’ve done to help myself get over the fear and the rage that was instilled in me by this election is to talk with people who voted for Trump and ask them about the current political climate.

      I will no longer talk about Hillary Clinton or about the election with anyone.

      When I’ve suggested that we should all be talking to each other about politics and about the social climate, I’ve been clear to say that talking about the election is not how to proceed. We need to be talking about bills and cabinet appointments. We need to talk to one another about these more specific details, because the election is over.

      The legitimacy of this presidency needs to be talked about by people who have the ability to investigate and prosecute. People who want to get involved in that need to pursue those avenues and only those avenues, because talking about bills and cabinet appointments with someone who called Trump the “illegitimate president” right out of the gate puts the other person on the defensive.

      Our purpose in talking to one another is to learn and to expand each other’s minds so that we can find some way to create bills and appoint people who work for both of us.

      All of this is to say, it’s okay and understandable to be outraged. It’s okay to be angry, but don’t let anger rule your life. Ask yourself if listening to news programs is helpful or hurtful to you.

      I am certainly not advocating ignoring what’s going on.

      By channeling my anger into signing petitions, writing letters, sending emails, making phone calls, and going to local government events, I have been able to pull myself out of the rut that I was in for a week or two after the election.

      You aren’t a crazy person for feeling all of this so much. You are in good company with other women, yoga doers, and citizens. I hope this was helpful to you, Su.


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