I was asked today if I would be teaching on Wednesday of next week as it is the Day without Women protest.
I WILL be teaching on Wednesday, and as a means of participating in the Day without Women protest, I would like to offer up my Wednesday class for FREE.
Yes, I know our classes are only $3, but by offering my class for free, those of you who are participating in the Day without Women protest can come to class without having to spend any money (which I understand is part of the protest).
So, come to yoga. Release some stress and get focused on what you can do to better yourself and your community!
Love, love, love!

2 thoughts on “A Day Without Women

  1. Yoga doers could donate their monies to a group that worked for women’s rights – like Planned Parenthood or Thistle Farms.


  2. A free yoga class is a brilliant way to support the cause! Only wish I lived nearby to take the opportunity! I’m Working a half day tomorrow (unfortunately need to be there part of it for an important meeting.) but it is only one of my 3 jobs! So that’s good. I’m definitely not gonna spend any money on ANYTHING tomorrow (filled my tank up with gas tonight to make sure!) If you need inspiration for fighting the good fight, check out the round of of 15 inspiring quotes by trailblazing women on my blog! https://www.generationtrygirl.com/2017/03/08/15-inspiring-women-quotes/


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