Before you buy five pairs of those $10 yoga pants and brag to your fronds (that’s how we say friends here in YogaDoerLand), check those babies out!

The Story

I was hunting around for some yoga pants a few days ago and was having no luck.  The pants were either too expensive to not be perfect or too expensive to not be bedazzled with precious jewels.

On my way out, I saw a sign for $10 yoga pants. When I see signs like that, I generally walk away, because someone has confused yoga pants with leggings…again.  But, I gave it a go.

They seemed perfect.  High waisted, a mostly cotton blend, and fitted to the ankle. I almost filled my bag, and then I remembered:  the test.

The Test

I held a pair of the pants up to the light while still on the hanger.  The light was showing through without any stretching of the fabric!

I tried another pair.  The light was less noticeable until I pulled the pant leg and stretched it to the size of my thigh.  Then, it was like looking through strange, fabric sunglasses!

None of the pants in the heap passed.

I put all of them back and went on my merry way.

Now, Your Turn

The next time you are buying yoga pants (if the see-through quality is one you are trying to avoid), do the light test.  In the long run it will save you money and time in the return lines.

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