This morning, I woke up lacking the desire to work out.

I have a morning workout plan that I follow right now. It includes mountain climbers, lots of push-ups, and sometimes burpees.

None of that sounded appealing.

I waited until after my coffee to put on my workout clothes, and then I sat down and watched John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight which was clearly not a workout.

You are not lazy.

Feeling this way can make one think they are a lazy person. Most of the time, laziness has nothing to do with it. More often than not, it is the overwhelm of all the different exercises that you could potentially do or have listed on your plan.

If you don’t have a plan, then this supposed laziness will sweep over you frequently leaving you paralyzed and not exercising.  So, what should you do?

Action step: make a plan.

There are lots of free workout plans for all levels of fitness online. I found hundreds of workout plans on Pinterest.

There are also a lot of apps out there that will guide you through exercises with video tutorials and a plan.

The one that I’m using right now is called Runtastic Results.

I chose this app, because my brother is using. It has a newsfeed feature which allows us to like each other’s workouts. It is a way for us to stay accountable with one another.

You may not want to work out today, but you do want to move.

If you are person who already has a plan, then you might be feeling the fatigue of being on a plan.

People that like a lot of change in their lives tend to experience this. When this feeling comes over you, my suggestion to you is to do something that you love that is active.

This shouldn’t replace the workout you had planned, but it could be a way for your to push your workout back one day without missing out on activity.

For example, if today you are supposed to do a 50 Burpee challenge, but you didn’t want to do it. Skipping today’s challenge and going on a hike instead doesn’t replace the Burpee challenge, but it does give you an active break.

Your brain may not want to do the workout they have planned that day, but your body wants to move.

A word about rest days

Just so that we are all clear on the subject, I’m not saying they should never have a rest day.

When your body wants rest, give it rest. Your muscles are not built in the gym, they are built in your bed at night.

Get good sleep and good rest.



One thought on “You Aren’t Lazy

  1. First of all, John Oliver. You can’t have him. He is mine.
    Second, I was just away from my usual classes for almost two weeks I went to a few yoga classes while I was out of town but otherwise, I did nothing but walk. And I ate some pie. I was terrified when I returned that I wouldn’t have lost strength or endurance but nope, it just feels like there’s more in the tank. And my pesky hip isn’t hurting at all.
    so yes, rest days. And changing up the routine.


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