ab challenge #15

85 crunches, 34 leg raises, 80 second plank


10 back squats with 30lb weight*

10 Romanian deadlifts with 30lb weight*

repeat 3 times

*30 pounds was not heavy enough at all especially for the deadlifts.  Next time, using 40 pounds.  I can deadlift over 100 pounds, but I would not do that for the amount of reps listed.

30 reps rowing; 50lbs pull*

40 reps rowing; 40lbs pull*

20 reps rowing; 40lbs pull*

*I did a warm up set of 10 pulls with 30lbs, and felt it was far too easy.  50lbs felt great.  40lbs felt like I could do more reps.

no cardio today


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